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Happy birthday to my dear friend Yulia! She is turning 24 today! Thanks for being there for me! Love, Olga.

We just moved to Eagle in the Bluffs and I wanted to comment on one neighbor in particular that has had a huge impact on us already. He choose to make his own homemade sign for our viewing pleasure only, as he tied it to a fence facing our house and only our house. The sign reads, “Dogs will be trapped! Beware!” We have two dogs, so you can imagine our concern with an individual who has enough time on his hands and psychotic thoughts in his head to create such a sign. Anyway, most everyone else we have met has been more than friendly – it’s a shame that we’ve had the unfortunate luck to move next to this angry, miserable, unfriendly person.

My husband, I’d like to buy you everything that you’ve been dreaming. But all Ican. All my love. Happy birthday. Congratulations 70 karat. Allen David Martin…….

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