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Happy birthday, No. 14. We were truly blessed 18 years ago, May 7, 1989. Our love and best wishes to you, Julia. Mom, Dad, Kalen and Ansley.

The Eagle Riders chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of America is having an organizatinal meeting Wednesday at the Eagle library on Sixth Street at 6 p.m. Those interested in trail riding the backcountry on horseback and enjoying nature are welcome to attend. For more information, call Shayla at 309-6067.

Well, I have been here for six winter seasons and the time has come to venture out and on in hopes of returning someday, older and wiser. This valley is one of the most amazing places in all the world, not just because it’s beautiful and recreational, but the people here are what seals the deal. I want to thank all of you for making this time of my life the best yet. First, the Broken Arrow Family, old and new, you all made winters the best time of year. Arrowhead, BG, BC, Vail, Streetbeat, Sarah’s Lounge, Juniper, and the Saloon, winter would never be the same with out you all and your great staffs. Mulligans, Men’s League, Hole 11, Vail and Beaver Creek disc golf, Hot Summer Nights, FAC, you made summer great. Thank you to Tom McNeill, Beth Howard, Mark and Emily Tambo, Kim Ahmed, Boule, Joanna, Moose, The original Wake Staff, Shawn Hogan, Sage, Douggie Russell, Mike I and your veal, Mobes, Colin Cyr, Harvey Craig, All Strung Out, The Bones, Buffet, Dave and Al at Chilis, Hot Tub, Spyder, Jeff Guildroy, Patrick Hurley, Jenny Sysco, Gumber, Burgers & Blinky, FOS, JT, Patsy and uncle Paul, most of all, Kevin and Heidi Hart. I love all of you and will miss everyone very much. Come visit Chicago anytime, my door is open to each and every one of my friends here in Colorado! Don’t worry, I am sure I’ll be back to visit often during all seasons! Shot ski! Grant Friese.


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