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Congratulations go out to John Knight, who was the top qualifier from the Rocky Mountain region for the National Fly-fishing Championships in Boulder this coming October. If you see him on the river, splash his water! Good Luck!
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In loving memory of Sara VelasquezDaily Staff ReportsVail, CO ColoradoIn tears, I saw you suffering and watched you pass away.My heart was torn in pieces,I wanted you to staybut when I saw you sleeping so peaceful,free from pain,how could I wish you back with me –

to suffer that again.It broke my heart to lose you, mom,but you didn’t go alone.Part of me went with you that dayGod took you home.If roses grow in Heaven, Lord,please pick a bunch for me,place in my mother’s armsand tell her they’re from me.Tell her I love and miss her

and when she turns to smile,place a kiss upon her cheekand hold her for awhile. Remembering her is easy,I do it every day,but there is an ache in my heartthat will never go away.Don’t think of her as gone;her journey’s just begun.Life holds so many facetsand this Earth is only one.

She is now resting from the sorrowsand the tearsin a place of warmth and comfort,with no days or years.Think how she must be wishingthat I know, todaythat nothing but my sadnesscan really pass away.Think of her as livingin the hearts of those she touched.

It’s the wonderful gift of my mom inside me that makes me miss her so much.From you son Don Esclavo Velasquez on Memorial Day 2007……….


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