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Randy Wyrick and a Cast of Thousands

Here’s hoping they run fast, throw far, jump high, go hard and remember to turn left.

Birthday Bruce

Bruce Johnson, a.k.a. the wild sheep, will be out grazing on his birthday. Anyone able to meander through the streets of New Orleans dressed as a fluffy white creature and remain unharmed is obviously blessed. Happy Birthday Bruce.

Rebel Cause Without a Clue

The latest chapter in the ongoing “Darth Vader Chronicles” is in a theater near you. In “Darth Vadar: The Teen Years,” we learn that Darth had to walk uphill to Jedi School, both ways, through the snow while the batteries in his light sabre ran low.

In this episode, Darth hits puberty, falls in love, buys a motorcycle and morphs into a cross between Rebel Without a Cause (James Dean) and Rebel Without a Clue (Bart Simpson).

It’s also bound to spawn another cottage industry in which we think of new and creative ways to skewer Jar Jar Binks.

Yoda is what happens to Arnold Schwarzenegger when you throw him in the drier for a couple hundred years.

Also in entertainment, Dharma and Gregg and Ali MacBeal are both going off the air. We hear they’re pretty good, although no one we know has ever seen them, which pretty much explains why they’re being cancelled.

FAC at Marko’s

It’s Open Mic night and FAC at Marko’s in Gypsum. We’re talking heaters on the deck, to make sure you can bask in more than the glow of your mutual affection. 5:30 p.m. until the fun runs out.

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