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We want to hear from you. Tell us what’s going on around town so we can talk about it. Faxes can be sent to 949-7096. Our e-mail address is Or call the Town Talk desk at 748-2933. Submissions must be received by noon the day before desired publication.Thanks for all the photo submissions. We really appreciate them, and we want you to have your photos back! Please pick up your photos at the front office of the Daily within 30 days. Photos not picked up by then will be filed in the infamous File 13, never to be seen again. You can now post your photos online. Send photos with the name of the photographer, who’s in the picture and when and where it was taken to, and we’ll post them on the Vail Daily Web site. ….. .

….. Thank youI wanted to thank everyone for the calls of support and concern over the collapse of the Interstate 35 bridge in Minneapolis, Minn. I was not near the bridge but I had two friends that made the decision not to drive on it that day. They would have been on the bridge about the time it collapsed. It really hit very close to home and makes me realize what the important aspects of life really are. Margaret Davidson.Memorial service

There will be a memorial service and dedication of a bench for Annegret Kramer who died last August at the Vail Memorial Park. Saturday at 11 a.m. From the East Vail exit a short walk; follow the bike path back toward Vail to the park entrance. ……..

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