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The Ropers, (especially Colin Roper) would like to thank everyone who was involved with the benefit on November 12th.Ê We were very touched by the community support and are looking to be back home at the Vail Valley Medical Center sometime next week.Ê We truly live in an amazing community.Ê Thank you..

Howdy and welcome to Town Talk, the column that offers this helpful holiday traveling tip: “That journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.”

Movin’ straight into it.

Conservative Day

Yesterday, Arnold was inaugurated and Rush returned.

– No word on whether Californians are planning to invade Poland or France, or maybe annex Oregon. Most Californians would rather annex France, and they figure Oregon would offer more resistance.

– It’s no wonder Californians like Arnold. They like Clinton and he groped everybody, too.

– As for Rush, if we had to listen to him all day every day, we’d gobble painkiller, too.

Go Natalie!

Congratulations to Natalie Spohrer, 2003 graduate of Battle Mountain High

School for receiving the University of Puget Sound Dean’s Scholarship. The

BMHS community is proud of her accomplishments.

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