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It's Autumn's last weekend in Vail; she's trading the snow for the rain and leaving us for Oregon. Come say goodbye to her Saturday night at E-Town. Autumn — we're going to miss you tons. Thanks for all the laughs, the house won't be the same without you! Don't forget about your favorite roommates ever! What ham? Love Jen, Jaime and Missy (and Spot).





The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is one thing, but legendary songwriter Neil Young may have just been given a more enduring legacy. According to Reuters, biologist has named a newly discovered trapdoor spider after the venerable musician. Jason Bond, who discovered the spider in Alabama, said he enjoys Youngs music and admires the rockers activism for peace and justice. As cool as this is, Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi would be a lousy name for an album. Young is not the first musician to be so honored. According to Reuters, the whirligig beetle or Orectochilus orbisonorum is named after the late rock legend Roy Orbison and his widow, Barbara. Rock n roll is the official musical genre of Town Talk Towers. Weve been out in the yard all week looking for new critters without regard to whether they were new species that we can name after our favorite rock stars. We couldnt resist licking the back of the toad we found chilling out under a pine tree and boy, did it make us feel funny. But we saw an opporunity and we took it. The toad is now called Hallucinogenickus hendrixi pinkfloydiola sergeantpepperoni jeffersonairplaniac jerrygarciappotamus.And because roaches would allegedly be the only living things left after a nuclear holocaust, we named the wrinkled, stumbling roach we found after our favorite indestructible Rolling Stones guitar player: Creepycrawlyus keithrichardsacusBut were also wondering why rock stars are relegated to insects? Why dont they get higher species, like hawks or whales or Canadians? We dont think Beethovens name would be used for an earthworm or that a earwig would be labeled Yuckyius mozartus. Is science saying rock stars are the insects of the animal kingdom? Well, rock musicians must fight back and start naming really bad records yknow, like country music and emo albums after famous zoologists and entomologists. Uh .. can anyone think of any famous zoologists and entomologists.

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