Town Talk for Nov. 13, 2010 |

Town Talk for Nov. 13, 2010

Wow, Dillon. You are growing up so fast! Have a happy fourth birthday. We love you so much. Love, Mom, Dad, Hailey, Dexter and Buttons.

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Eagle Valley High School seniors Jesse Gish and Ian Bailey are calling on our community to contribute to those in need this holiday season. Donate to the Eagle Valley Kettle Club Online Kettle supporting the Salvation Army. Even though the money will be donated online, you can choose to keep your money within our community. Every year, 15 million children die of hunger, but locally, 200 to 400 families a month have benefited from the Salvation Army since 2008. As seniors in government class, we are learning to act positively in our community. We believe that hunger awareness is an important issue to address. We feel the Salvation Army is the best organization to support in helping the less fortunate. Visit and donate using a credit or debit card. You can choose whether your donation will support the local Salvation Army or the national organization.

Local Joe’s Pizza in Vail, located in the Vail Run Resort, will have a free Wii Sports league on Monday and Wednesday nights. On Mondays beginning at 5 p.m., teams of two can sign on for the bowling league, and on Wednesdays there will be a disc-golf league, also starting at 5 p.m. There will be prizes, including a $30 gift certificate, good for both food and alcohol, for the winning teams. Come enjoy some pizza, beers and games with your friends! League will begin Monday.

Calling all stories for the Edwards roundabout project. I have an outrageous flagger story, and every time I tell it, I hear four others in return – silly, scary or downright crazy, but all very entertaining. This has prompted a writing project, and I would love to hear your tale! Please e-mail them to, or call 970-379-0289. Thank you, Vail Valley!

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