Town Talk for Nov. 3 |

Town Talk for Nov. 3

Vail CO Colorado
The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District spent a fun-filled morning with the super kids at Gore Range Montessori School in Eagle on Monday. The students learned about fire safety and spent some time touring a fire truck as part of Fire Prevention Month in Eagle.

It was a full moon outside. Mr. Black was crafty and entered the home through an opening in the garage. He slid through the cat door and snuck up the stairs, creeping by the sleeping humans. He made his way into Gracie’s room, where he proceeded to attack her. After much howling and hissing, the humans raced down the hall way to Gracie’s rescue. They tried to apprehend Mr. Black, but with cat-like stealth he leaped down the stairs and escaped through the garage door from whence he came. Deputy Tiddles with the Bureau of Cat Protection came to investigate. No new leads have come up in this case, and Mr. Black is still at large. Deputy Tiddles advises all neighbors to close their garage doors. Mr. Black is considered dangerous and is believed to be carrying an arsenal of at least 20 claws.

A scared golden retriever has gotten away from his caretakers (the owner is out of town). He is a friendly dog. His name is Feliz, and he has been spotted near the Eagle-Vail Golf Course. If anyone spots Feliz or catches him, please call Amy at 970-390-0596.

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