Town Talk for Oct. 15, 2002 |

Town Talk for Oct. 15, 2002

Diane and Burt Levin wrote in to express their appreciation to Town Talk for running the picture of our missing cat, Mister. They say they love living in a community where the paper will run a picture of a lost cat! They also would like to thank all of their friends, neighbors and co-workers who helped them look for him or otherwise offered encouragement and advice. Mister finally found his way home.

The Zephyr flies again

Tony “Rigatoni” Mauro is back on the local airwaves with KZYR, which he immediately de-sucked. For the uninitiated, KZYR didn’t do anything by stink for the last couple years, playing a steady stream if cranky, whiney, even-though-I’m-a-middle-class-white-kid-I’m-still-a-victim gunk that masqueraded as music. They don’t do that any more. They’re at 97.7 on your FM dial.

And while we’re in local radio land, we’re told that some people don’t like the new morning guy, Carey, on KTUN. You’re a humor-impaired low brow. Carey’s funny. We love Carey, and he can’t crack enough “more scoring than prom night” football jokes for us. Turn up the radio and sing along.

Pasta pool

Down in Eagle they’re raising money to make their big, new pool even bigger. Saturday is the Friends of the Pool “Fun”d Weekend Pasta Dinner. It runs from 5-8 p.m. at Eagle’s Brush Creek Pavilion. You can overeat for $6 per person, $20 for family of four.

On Sunday, run off your gluttony with the “Fun”d Weekend Run/Walk. It’s 9 a.m. at the Eagle Ranch Pavilion. It’ll cost you $15, and there are 10K, 5K and one mile runs. The Friends of the Pool is an Eagle/Gypsum based group raising money to add two more lap lanes to Eagle’s new swimming pool. Tickets available at Kidtopia, Copy Plus, WECMRD, or call Stephanie Samuelson at 328-1029.

Craft Fair Deadline today

Application deadline for the fourth annual Eagle Valley Arts and Crafts Fair is Oct. 15. The fair itself is Dec. 6-7 in the Eagle-Vail Pavilion. Organizers are looking for vendors, and with handcrafted items by the artists themselves. To reserve space call Linda Lampert at 949-6133.

Brain droppings

n Michael Jackson claims he’s being discriminated because of his skin color. Robin Williams says, “Honey, you gotta pick one. You know your cause is in trouble when you want to protest, and Al Sharpton won’t be seen with you.”

n It’s Vail Christian’s Homecoming Week. If you think Stevie Reed can play hockey, you should see him play quarterback. Our question: “Is the verbage on the wristbands the game plan or the 95 Theses?” Any good Lutheran kid would know, and there are no bad Lutheran kids.

n Eagle Valley hammers Roaring Fork this Friday in football this Friday. Watch the carnage.

n Congratulations to the Eagle Valley soccer team, who rolled into the state playoffs.

n Congratulations also to the Eagle Valley girls softball team who made the state playoffs. They play this week in Aurora.

n What’s the difference between the stockmarket and Las Vegas? At least in Vegas when you lose your money they give you a drink.

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