Town Talk Tidbits: Cool Stuff, Sweet Deals |

Town Talk Tidbits: Cool Stuff, Sweet Deals

The 2008 Brad Odekirk Memorial Golf Tournament will take place Sept. 12 at the Keystone Ranch Golf Club. All proceeds will benefit the Brad Odekirk Memorial Scholarship Fund. Prices are $100 per player or $400 per team. Contact the Summit Daily News at 970-668-3998 for more information.

New York City resident Joanne Klein was spotted in The Toy Store on Bridge Street in Vail Village adding to her collection of black dogs. Treva is Joanne’s real dog. She is 3 years old and is Joanne’s third black lab. Joanne has been collecting toy dogs for a while now, but this is her first Webkinz. The Toy Store just received a new shipment of Webkinz ” come and get ’em! Joanne is in town for the Vail Jazz Party. She manages jazz musician Victor Lewis. Look for Victor playing all weekend with Ann Hempton Callaway. Call The Toy Store at 970-476-4731.

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