Town Talk Tidbits: Cool Stuff, Sweet Deals |

Town Talk Tidbits: Cool Stuff, Sweet Deals

Cosmo-liciousHere’s an item for the 21-and-over set …Several Vail Daily staffers attended Friday’s big grand opening party at the Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa. The whole party was a blast, from the chair massages to the beef jerky at the bar in the Avondale restaurant.One of the extra-fun features, though, was the bartender working behind a bar made entirely of ice, pouring “white cosomopolitans” through several feet of spiral tubing carved into several ice blocks (all the ice work, by the way, was the work of local icemaster Paul Wertin). Talk about good drinkin’!Of course, this adult party for the palate made us cosmo-curious. What the heck is in a white cosmo? What’s in a regular cosmo, the drink that made the “Sex and the City” girls all swoony? And so on.A quick Google search brought us to, where we found the following:Basic cosmopolitan:11⁄2 oz Absolut Citron VodkaOrange peel for garnishFreshly squeezed lime juice1 oz cranberry juice1⁄2 oz CointreauWhite cosmopolitan:5 oz Ocean Spray White Cranberry Juice Cocktail2 oz citrus-flavored vodka1⁄2 oz sweetened lime juiceLime twist for garnishThen there’s the raspberry cosmo, made thusly:4 oz of Smirnoff raspberry vodka, chilled in freezer1 oz of triple sec2 frozen raspberries for garnish2 slices of fresh limes for garnish1 oz fresh lime juice3 oz of cranberry juiceThere was also a recipe for a gingerbread cosmo, which involves making a simple syrup. That was too much for those of us whose cocktail skills usually involve either a bottle opener or clinking some ice into a glass, then covering the cubes with Maker’s Mark. But make no mistake there will be white cosmos poured at some of Town Talk’s far-flung outposts and probably sooner than later. And now it’s time for a cosmo-induced nap …

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