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Eagle Valley High School alumnus Bob Pietrack received his bachelor’s degree from Fort Lewis College at spring commencement. Pietrack graduated cum laude, and majored in exercise science. He’s the top assistant basketball coach at Fort Lewis College, where he’s helping young athletes come to a clear understanding of, “Take a lap!” Meaghan Elizabeth Guida of Avon made the Dean’s List at Wake Forest, which almost no one ever does. She’s a sophomore majoring in political science. Vail’s Kelly Payne hit the Dean’s List at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. When you see Kelly, express incredible amazement.

The Transit Coach Division of the 2004 Colorado Statewide Bus Roadeo ran in Colorado Springs, and vail’s Cincinnati King, of the Town of Vail Transit came in finished second in the Body on Chassis Division. The “best of the best” bus drivers in the state competed by demonstrating their skills in a specially designed course at the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs. Fifteen agencies sent teams to compete

Mount of the Holy Cross Lutheran Church is running its annual pilgrimages, climbing Notch Mountain to view the Mount of the Holy Cross. Group sizes are limited and reservations are required. It’s July 16 and 17, and you’re leaving about 7 a.m. you’ll be back around 4 p.m. Wear good hiking boots and bring waterproof weather protection. Call (970) 476-6610.

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