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Farm to Table Series

The Farm to table dinner series will bring locally grown food to create amazing plates of food. People will celebrate Colorado harvests, talented chefs and local farms. It’s hard to find good food now days in a world with an expanding fast food market and a lessening of all natural grown food. Even most of the remaining amount of produce and all natural food we eat comes from foreign countries. Locally sourced food is fresher: meaning it has a higher nutritional content. Produce begins to leach out vitamins and nutrients as soon as it is cut from the plant, so, unlike mangos flown in from Manila, fruits and vegetables that hit your plate soon after they were picked are still bursting with nutritional value. Eating locally helps both your body and the environment, and usually tastes better. Our very own Vail Farmers’ Market Farm to table series will be taking place June 26, July 22 and Aug. 7 and is sponsored by Ascent Sotheby’s International Realty. More information is available at Come join us in the local movement. If you have questions, please call 970-401-3320.

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