Grief Recovery Program |

Grief Recovery Program

When your heart is broken after a loss, it’s hard to imagine feeling better. With the Holiday Season upon us, it is easy to keep busy and put off dealing with your emotions until things slow down. How about going into this holiday season feeling complete about a painful loss? The grief recovery program will lead you to the actions you will need to take to regain your sense of well-being. The first thing we must do if we want to deal with our grief effectively, is to allow our grief to exist by acknowledging it, and by communicating openly about it to people with whom we feel safe. Celynn McClarrinon, a certified grief recovery specialist, is offering one-on-one and group sessions. Please call her at 970-376-8248 to inquire about the grief recovery program. The next group can start in October and finish before Thanksgiving. "This has been the most comforting process on grief I have ever experienced. It has provided tools that is for today that will serve me in the future."

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