In Memory of our friend |

In Memory of our friend

Our old buddy and one of our favorite musicians and performers has died. Donny Ziegelbein — Donny Z for short — arrived in Vail in the mid-1970s. He played at the Red Lion in Vail from 1976-78 with the Virginia band, Smee 2. He moved to Vail in 1978 and formed Westwood with Brad Quayle, Mike Arnett, Bobby Arnett and Steve Wickum. They played in the Red Lion from 1978-81. For the past nine years, he has been the front man for the band 30 Fingers with Ron Hardy and Peter Fontanaise, playing in the Sonnenalp Hotel’s Kings Club. Donny Z was 62 years old and the proud father of Megan Ziegelbein. He loved fishing, music and people, and people loved him back. We’ll get together to celebrate our friend Donny Z. We’ll keep you posted about when and where.

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