Making it happen |

Making it happen

The Vail Pinball Association, which manages the classic pinball assets for local charity on location belonging to the Vail Pinball Collectors Club, donated nearly 500 canned food items to our local food bank. This food will help those in need in our Eagle Valley. This is Michael at the Salvation Army. The Vail Pinball Association would like to thank City Market Vail and its wonderfully friendly staf, Ollie and his terrific group at Route 6 for hosting our Atlantis pingame, Crazy Mountain Brewery's Kevin, Marisa, Oliver, Ben and tons of other super folks for hosting the Big Brave pingame, and Brian and his crew at Altitude Sports Bar and Grill in the Evergreen Lodge in Vail for their continued support over these years. A huge thanks to all the patrons who gave quarter by quarter — it adds up and makes a big difference for others in need. The Vail Pinball Association has collected and distributed 100 percent of all money collected (nearly $20,000 in quarters) to many local organizations in the Eagle Valley these past 5 years. Additionally, nearly $15,000 has been donated in volunteer travel time, gas and parts. Another 2,000 hours has been donated to restore and use these games for other's benefits. Its been fun, and we hope to continue with a very select group we have in place now, doing more good for local needs and enjoying the times with the people we work with to make it all happen.

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