Shipley goes ambidextrous |

Shipley goes ambidextrous

Buddy Shipley competed in the Masters division of the Colorado Scottish Festival in Snowmass on Sunday (the over 40 crowd). Last week, I hurt my arm practicing for the events, a moderate strain. I felt good Saturday night, no pain and my arm felt strong, but I didn't decide to participate until Sunday morning. I trashed my arm in the first round of the first event — the heavy hammer throw. A two-handed event where we spin two to three times and release a cannon ball that's attached to a length of PVC pipe. I completed that event and all the rest of the events left-handed. I had never tried most of these events before, let alone left-handed. In the picture I'm doing the 28 lb throw — a steel ball on a short chain with a handle. To the right of me is the judge (you're right), to his right is the heavy hammer that did in my arm.

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