Thank you for your service |

Thank you for your service

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is excited to kick off a new tradition of formally honoring long-term employees and providing them a gift representative of their years of service. Recognition ceremonies took place during staff orientation sessions this fall and many others were honored for their years of service at SSCV. Pictured here from top left are Amie Bervy, five years; Erin Beskid, five years; Elana Chas, five years; Dmitry Molotchev, five years; Carl Thompson, five years; Mike Trueblood, five years ; Bob Zuch, five years; John Grigsby, six years; Kim Salani, eight years; Erik Steinberg, eight years; Daniel Stripp, nine years; Tiffany Hoversten, 10 years; Euginnia Manseau, 10 years; Karl Hochtl, 11 years; Daniel Weiland, 11 years; Brady McNeill, 12 years; Garrett Scahill, 13 years; Sara Radamus, 15 years; Aldo Radamus, 16 years; John Cole, 18 years; P.J. Jenick, 18 years; Simon Marsh,18 years; Karen Ghent, 21 years; and Rika Moore, 23 years. Thank you!

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