Thanks for helping us be a success |

Thanks for helping us be a success

During the last four years, the Vail Pinball Association has managed the assets of a private pinball collection in Eagle County for charity use. These pingames are located at Route 6 in Eagle-Vail, Kirby Cosmos in Minturn, Crazy Montain Brewery in Edwards, Altitude in Vail, and Vail Daily in Eagle-Vail. On Dec. 12, the VPA gave Char, of the Eagle Valley Humane Society, (and her dog Mocha) a matched donation of $1,000 to be used for facilitate responsible adoptions of their animals. Thank you to Ollie of R6 and Mark T. and crew, of KCs, both pictured with games, and the USPS check issued to the EVHS. These businesses and others have hosted the VPCC's games free of charge, allowing 100 percent of coin box to be donated, which is approaching $20,000 dollars to date. Organizations such as EVHS, KLNX-LP, VMRG, SA, PATV5, EVCG have all benefited. All money is earmarked for non-salary capital expenditures or direct community assets or benefits. Thank you, all! Please have a safe, fun and happy holiday season!

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