Thanks for the support |

Thanks for the support

On June 19 my beloved man Dino was severely injured in a motorcycle accident on state Highway 131. He sustained multiple really bad breaks. Although he is in critical condition, he will make a complete recovery thanks to the surgical team at Denver Health. Also, thank you to first responders Chris and Brittany, and Dr. Schwartz at Vail Valley Medical Center. I especially want to thank Calen Golas, who was the first at his side and kept Dino talking and awake. Thank you to Char, of Eagle Humane Society, and Amy Hunter for taking care of our dog, Zeke. Thanks to Dan and Ed for taking care of Dinos' bike and to all the people who have so generously contributed to our Crowd Funder account. Thank you to my daughter, Kelsey Foster, for being my rock — as always. I want to thank all of our friends and family for being so supportive. All we need are your positive vibes, prayers and good healing thoughts. Dino is one hell of a tough nut — we know that.

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