Thanks for your help, everyone |

Thanks for your help, everyone

It was great to have amazing people around me while we built these bridges for my Eagle project at Walking Mountains Science Center. It was not easy working without tools, but we kept the humor and worked as a team. Once the tools arrived, it went by fast. I have so many people to say thanks to. But first let me give a round of applause and thank my friends for their hard work and time. Thank you to my family for their support and donation. And, lastly, a huge thank you to my two project mentors, Reggie Martinez and Juan Carlos, for their guidance as leaders. This project was a success because of all you people. Thank you all for helping me be a wonderful leader and completing my awesome Eagle project. Thanks to Troop 222 and my fellow Scouts for your support. This is a huge goal I have met and now on to my journey of becoming an Eagle.

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