Tracker: Avon Town Council 4/24/07 |

Tracker: Avon Town Council 4/24/07

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado

How they voted: Unanimously approved

What they said: Certain violations of town ordinances will be decriminalized and designated as “civil infractions.” Because a jail sentence is not possible for any civil infraction, certain constitutional requirements, such as burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and right to trial by jury, are eliminated.

What this means to you: Laws are still laws, and you’ll get in trouble for breaking them. But, the process should move more quickly, free up the courts and save money.

The newly designated civil infractions include: failure to report or pay accommodations taxes, failure to obtain a business license, failure to obtain a snowplow permit, failure to obtain an amplified sound system permit, violation of pawnbroker code, violation of the refuse ordinance, obstruction of a railroad crossing, public nuisances, building code violations and zoning code violations.

How they voted: Unanimously approved

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What they said: The Avon police recently investigated a case in which an intoxicated man slapped a light fixture in the Avon Center, which caused it to swing and break against the wall. Police were unable to charge him with a crime because they could not prove he “intentionally” broke the light. This ordinance would change the law so police would only have to prove a person “knowingly or recklessly” caused damage, which is easier to prove.

What this means to you: Be careful in drunken bar fights. It will be easier to charge you with a crime if you break a window, which you may not have “intended” to do.

How they voted:

Yes ” Brian Sipes, Kristi Ferraro, Amy Phillips and Tamra Nottingham Underwood.

No ” Rich Carroll

Dave Dantas was absent.

What they said: The resolution supports voting in favor of the home rule charter because it would give better representation for Avon citizens at the county level. Carroll voted “no” because he didn’t believe a town council should publicly approve or disapprove a political topic and said he would vote no if the resolution was against home rule as well.

What this means to you: Your elected leaders in Avon, for the most part, support home rule.

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