Tracker: Avon Town Council 6/12/07 |

Tracker: Avon Town Council 6/12/07

How they voted: Yes. Unanimously

What they said: Improvements will be made on the railroad crossing on West Beaver Creek Blvd. in the Tennessee Pass subdivision. The wood crossing will be removed, and a 40-foot concrete crossing will be added. Rails will be reinstalled, and asphalt paving will be added. Union Pacific Railroad will pay 50 percent of the cost.

What this means to you: A smoother ride across the tracks.

What’s next: Build.

How they voted: Yes, unanimously

What they said: Reed started working for Avon in 1986 and retired as public works and transit director earlier this month. Mayor Ron Wolfe said Reed’s presence and contributions to the town council will be missed.

What this means to you: The town is losing a dedicated public servant.

What’s next: Jennifer Strehler, who has 17 years experience in public improvement and transit projects, is Avon’s new public works director.

What they said: The town commissioned a housing study in 2006, and the results revealed that Avon had many gaps in its housing market directly related to affordability. The town then set out to create an attainable housing policy.

In a May 22 work session, the council discussed the unintended consequences of regulating affordable housing as a strict ordinance as opposed to a set of guidelines.

In this meeting, the council was presented with an affordable housing plan in the form of a more flexible set of guidelines that would require developers to demonstrate how they meet affordable housing requirements while also giving them more wiggle room if they are offering other public benefits.

The council also talked at length about livability standards such as room sizes and required features such as stoves and access to laundry. The council reviewed standards set by other communities such as Boulder and Aspen.

What’s next: More drafts of an attainable housing policy.

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