Tracker: Avon Town Council 6/26/07 |

Tracker: Avon Town Council 6/26/07

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado

What they said: Town Manager Larry Brooks praised the former Avon councilman and mayor for his many contributions to the town and for his positive attitude. Reynolds died June 13.

How they voted: Tabled

What they said: The resolution would set a new construction deadline for the Gates and would take away time sharing as a permitted use.

Discussion also centered on a related agreement which would require the developer of the Gates to create a metropolitan district and impose a mill levy sufficient to generate $40,000 annually; and require the developer of the Gates to allow for a joint access with the neighboring land, known as the Folson parcel, by a declaration of easement.

Discussion also centered on making sure future owners aren’t burdened with a mill levy and a time-share amenities fee if the project is someday converted to allow time-sharing. The council had many questions and requested changes to make to the resolution and wasn’t ready to vote on it.

How they voted: Unanimously approved

What they said: The Avon municipal code had been incorrectly referring to an outdated Flood Insurance Rate Map, which isn’t in compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program.

The approved ordinance brings the town back in compliance by making the municipal code reference a more current Flood Insurance Rate Map.

What this means to you: Avon is paying attention to the details.

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