Tracker: Board of Commissioners 10/10/06 |

Tracker: Board of Commissioners 10/10/06

How they voted

Yes: Stone, Menconi, Runyon

What it means to you: State law required the commissioners to accept an early draft of the budget. The total proposed budget for 2007 is $102 million. The county so far this year has spent $126 million. As proposed, next year’s budget add 14 new jobs to the county payroll.

What’s next: A public hearing in mid-November, so there’s still time to complain.

What they talked about: While the commissioners ponder adopting a version of the state’s “model traffic code,” Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy has proposed amending the code to make seat belt use a “primary” offense.

That means deputies could pull over drivers for only not wearing seat belts. Current law states officers can only write seat belt tickets if they’ve pulled over drivers for another offense.

Hoy says he wants the new regulation to get high schoolers to buckle up.

What’s next: The commissioners will probably vote on the new regulations by the end of the year.

Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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