Tracker: Minturn Town Council 1/3/08 |

Tracker: Minturn Town Council 1/3/08

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado

What they talked about: The Ginn Development Co. offered to house 50 percent of its employees despite a suggestion from town staffers in November that it house 80 percent of its workers. Ginn should house a greater percentage of its workers, said Mayor Gordon “Hawkeye” Flaherty, and councilwomen Shelley Bellm and Kelly Brinkerhoff.

What they said: Ginn’s offer is fair and precedent-setting, Senior Vice President Bill Weber said.

What’s next? Councilors are expected to vote on whether to annex Ginn’s property into Minturn before an April Town Council election. Ginn wants to build 1,700 homes and condominiums (that number does not include employee housing), and a private ski resort and golf course on and around Battle Mountain, south of Minturn.

What they talked about: Ginn decided to reduce the size of its homes from 24,000 square feet to 18,000 square feet on around 70 of its two-acre lots.

What they said: Town councilors want Ginn to reduce the size of those homes to 15,000 square feet on those lots, Town Councilman Tom Sullivan said.

What’s next: Ginn would build 15,000-square-foot homes in those lots as long as it is given the authority to build larger homes on some other lots, Weber said.

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