Tracker: Minturn Town Council 6/6/07 |

Tracker: Minturn Town Council 6/6/07

Issue: New wastewater treatment plant

What they talked about: Council wants to acquire Vail Resorts’ land through eminent domain.

What they said: Councilors would to pay Vail Resorts the appraised value of the property in north Minturn and would take court action to seize it.

What’s next? Further discussion at June 20 meeting.

Issue: Water rates for seniors

What they talked about: Should the town continue to allow residents 65 years and older to get a water bill discount?

What they said: Councilors discussed this as the town rewrites a water ordinance to help fix its water leak problem. The town has lost money because it produces water for which it does not charge.

What’s next? Further discussion at June 20 meeting.

Issue: Ginn Development Co. presentation

What they talked about: Ginn introduced its proposed private ski resort, golf course and 1,700 homes and condominiums on and around Battle Mountain, south of Minturn.

What they said: A Ginn engineer talked about traffic.

What’s next? The first annexation hearing will begin June 20. The town wants residents fill out a comment form (see and drop it off or mail it to Town Hall 302 Pine Street, Minturn, CO 81645.

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