Tracker: Minturn Town Council 7/18/07 |

Tracker: Minturn Town Council 7/18/07

Steve Lynn
Vail,C O Colorado

Yes: Unanimous

What they talked about: Town manager Ann Capela resigned June 30 for personal reasons and to pursue other career opportunities, Mayor Gordon Hawkeye Flaherty said.

What they said: Councilors approved Capela’s resignation and appointed Gary Suiter interim town manager.

Whatis next: The town will decide who to hire as town manager.

What they talked about: The town has received bids of $650,000 and $1.4 million for a sidewalk along Highway 24. The sidewalk would extend south from Cemetery Bridge about a quarter mile.

What’s next: Councilors will wait for more information before making a decision.

What they talked about: Ginn gave a presentation on how traffic would affect Minturn. Ginn has promised to keep its traffic from exceeding its predictions.

What they said: Councilors asked Ginn for a plan on what actions would be taken if the number of vehicles traveling through Minturn is more than what Ginn has promised.

What’s next: The hearings will continue until town councilors decide whether to annex the property on and around Battle Mountain, where Ginn wants to build a private ski resort, golf course and 1,700 homes and condominiums.

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