Tracker: School board 10/11/2006 |

Tracker: School board 10/11/2006

Nicole Frey

What they said: Dana Braun, a mother and member of the Vote Yes on 3B team, updated the school board about how the campaigning effort is going. She said a team of volunteers is going door-to-door, writing postcards to get the yes vote out and will also place radio and newspaper ads, and mail out informational flyers.

The team plans to host an open house, Braun said. Volunteers have also raised nearly $40,000 of the necessary $60,000 to fund the campaign.

What this means to you: The Vote Yes on 3B campaign is well underway.

What’s next: Braun asked each board member to raise $3,000 for the effort.

What they said: Three members of the New America School, a public, charter school, geared toward teaching new immigrants English, talked to the school board about opening a school in Eagle County. The school would also allow immigrants with little or no English skills to earn a diploma.

What this means to you: A new charter school may open in town.

What’s next: The school board will visit the issue again during a board meeting at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25.

What they said: Director of Elementary Education Carolyn Neff told the board about how the district is working to make the Head Start preschool program better. Efforts include getting parents more involved, providing breakfast to the children and continuing to provide busing. The program will also up its record keeping, Neff said.

What this means to you: Local schools are improving.

What’s next: The district will continue its work.

What they said: With schools three to five years into the Teacher Advancement Program, Director of Secondary Education Mike Gass said it’s going well but still needs work. Gass said the district is slowing the pace of the program to give master and mentor teachers more time to do evaluations, plan and host meetings.

Although there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between good teachers and test scores, board members want to hire a statistician to make sure because teachers’ pay increases are based on test scores.

What this means to you: The district realizes TAP isn’t prefect, but they’re working on it.

What’s next: The district will look into hiring someone to carefully crunch the numbers to see if there’s a connection between test scores and teacher performance.

” Source: The Eagle County School Board

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