Tracker: School board 11/8/2006 |

Tracker: School board 11/8/2006

Nicole Frey

How they voted: Unanimously approved ” Connie Kincaid-Strahan and Jason Benderly absent.

What they said: The school board approved the new charter school that will target 16- to 21-year-olds who don’t speak English.

What it means to you: The area will get another charter school, but this one will target people who likely aren’t in school right now.

What’s next: New America School officials will try to nail down a location for the school.

What they said: Eagle County sheriffs deputies visited with school board members to discuss how safe kids are in their schools. The group went over schools’ evacuation plans and lockdown drills and also discussed ways of making schools safer, including badges for school employees, installing security systems or biometrics.

What it means to you: The district is trying to make sure students and employees are safe in the wake recent school shootings.

What’s next: More discussions.

What they said: The bond passed, and the district is getting to work. Assistant Superintendent Karen Strakbein presented a timeline for building a new high school and elementary school and other school upgrades and repairs. She also made recommendations for how the school board should proceed in hiring architects, project managers and more.

What it means to you: The district will try to improve the county’s schools.

What’s next: Architects will be hired by the end of December.

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