Tracker: School Board 8/8/07 |

Tracker: School Board 8/8/07

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado

What was said: County Commissioner Arn Menconi, Jeannie McQueeney and Kathleen Forinash with Eagle County Health and Human Services and a representative from Vail Valley Medical Center gave a presentation about the Bright Start Early Childhood Program.

They said the program addresses child and family needs with services in early care and learning, health and safety, social emotional development and family support.

Bright Start is hoping to raise $350,000 by September and is asking the school district to accept a three-year commitment of donating $116,654 a year. The school board will consider this proposal and entertain further discussions.

What was said: The board examined scores from the Colorado Student Assessment Program, a standardized achievement test taken by students in grades three to 10 in the subjects of reading, writing, math and science.

The board also looked at scores from the ACT, a college entrance exam that all high school juniors are required to take in Colorado.

The school district is considering the implementation of Student Learning Plans, which would provide parents with a more diagnostic look at their child’s historical achievement data and classroom progress, as well as provide next steps for a student’s short-term and long-term educational strategies.

What was said: Laurie Kleisinger, a Battle Mountain High School track coach, addressed the board regarding a state-of-the-art stadium accompanying the new Battle Mountain High School, a feature wanted by many coaches, parents and students.

School board President Scott Green said that nothing has been approved or disapproved by the board and they will continue discussing potential options once other building projects have progressed.

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