Tracker: Tax breaks in Minturn? |

Tracker: Tax breaks in Minturn?

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado

What they talked about: Residents who have owned property in Minturn since Jan. 1 should get a break on their property taxes, Town Councilman Jerry Bumgarner said. B

umgarner said he wants to “dispel this myth” that people won’t be able to afford to live in Minturn due to rising property taxes if voters approve a private ski resort in the town.

What they said: “It won’t be a huge amount for everybody, but nobody likes to pay taxes,” Bumgarner said.

What’s next? Bumgarner asked Interim Town Manager Gary Suiter to find out whether the tax breaks are possible.

What they talked about: Town councilors passed a resolution in support of their Feb. 27 decision to annex the Ginn Development Co.’s property into Minturn. Ginn wants to build 1,700 homes and condominiums, a private ski resort and up to two 18-hole golf courses on and around Battle Mountain, south of downtown Minturn.

What they said: Minturn residents should vote to uphold councilors’ decision by voting yes on all 11 ordinances on the ballot in the referendum. The town has already received dozens of requests for absentee ballots as of Wednesday night, a town staffer said.

How they voted: Unanimous (Bill Burnett and Kelly Brinkerhoff were not present).

What’s next? The referendum will be held at Minturn Town Center, 302 Pine St., from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. May 20. People who are registered to vote in Minturn may vote.

What they talked about: Town councilors approved a duplex to be built on 532 Taylor St.

How they voted: Unanimous (Bill Burnett and Kelly Brinkerhoff were not present.)

What they said: The architect must make sure no snow will fall from the duplex’s roof onto the neighbor’s home. Water also must properly drain off the property.

What’s next? The drainage plan must be approved by the town’s engineer.

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