Tracker: Vail Town Council 1/23/2007 |

Tracker: Vail Town Council 1/23/2007

What they talked about: The best site for a skateboard park in Vail is the Chamonix site, also known as the “Hud Wirth site,” said Todd Oppenheimer of the town of Vail. The next best site is the Chalet Road tennis courts. After that, a temporary skate park atop the Lionshead Parking Structure might be best, Oppenheimer said. Donovan Park is too small, he said.

What they said: Council said the staff should work toward creating a temporary facility atop the Lionshead parking structure.

What’s next? The town will move forward with a plan to put a temporary park on top of the Lionshead structure. Officials will also talk to local skaters.

Yes: Foley, Gordon, Hitt, Logan, Moffet, Newbury

Recused: Slifer

What they talked about: The town hired a company called Economic Planning Systems to critique the financial viability of the proposals from the two developers who want to rebuild the Lionshead parking structure.

The critique will also look at the proposed public benefits and the risks of each proposal. The critique will cost $35,000.

What’s next? Wait for the critique to be finished.

What they talked about: The town attorney talked about an informal version of a proposed ordinance that would provide standards for in-building amplification of emergency-services communications.

The amplification allows police, fire and ambulance workers to communicate with each other within buildings, from inside buildings to outside buildings, and vice versa.

What’s next? The council told the town attorney to draft a formal ordinance.

” Source: Town of Vail

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