Tracker " Vail Town Council 2/6/06 |

Tracker " Vail Town Council 2/6/06

How they voted:

Yes: Gordon, Logan, Moffet, Newbury, Slifer.

No: Foley.

What they said: The council gave final approval to a new law that will require “Class A” fire-resistant roof assemblies or roof coverings for all structures within the town of Vail. The new law also bans new wood-shake and wood-shingle roofs in Vail.

What’s next? Enforcement of the law.

What they talked about: The owners of Concert Hall Plaza in Lionshead, which now contains Moe’s, D.J. McAdam’s and other storefronts, are planning to redevelop the property into “retail, hotel and residential components.” Part of the redevelopment would happen on the town’s right-of-way.

What they said: The town directed the owner and the town to proceed with an appraisal for the town’s right-of-way adjacent to the Concert Hall Plaza.

How they voted:

Yes: Gordon, Moffet, Newbury, Slifer.

No: Foley, Logan.

What they talked about: The town gave final approval to change zoning for the Vail International property. When new Lionshead zoning was created to try to spur redevelopment in the neighborhood, the Vail International decided it didn’t want to be included. Now, it does want the new zoning. The Vail International is next door to the Evergreen Lodge.

What’s next: Redevelopment plans?

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