Tracker: Will Miller Ranch traffic get worse? |

Tracker: Will Miller Ranch traffic get worse?

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

Note: The Edwards Task Force Committee is made up of representatives from five of Edward’s Metro Districts and other stakeholders in the unincorporated area. They act as an informal town council for Edwards.

Who they talked to: County traffic engineer Ben Gerdes

What they talked about: Metro district officials are worried what the four new schools being built in Miller Ranch will mean for rush-hour traffic in the neighborhood.

County planners would like to build turning lanes on Charter School Road between the Charter Academy and June Creek Elementary.

However, the school district has said they do not want to fund the $225,000 project on their own. It wants to split the cost of the project with the Edwards metro districts and Eagle County.

Some committee members felt the traffic mitigation should be the school district’s responsibility, especially because it has bond money to build the schools. However, the committee felt the turning lanes will be needed and members said they would consider working out a deal with the school district.

Who they talked to: County engineers and Singletree residents

What they talked about: Four new roundabouts at the interchange of Interstate 70 in Edwards have some Singletree residents concerned.

The residents closest to the Singletree roundabout are worried that the road is too close to their front yards and that headlights will flash into their windows, said Berry Creek Metro District President Don Cohen.

Designs are already set for the project, but planners are looking at shifting the roundabout and using plants and berms to accommodate residents.

Another step in the roundabout project is right of way acquisition from Berry Creek Metro District.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has no money set aside for the $1.6 million acquisition and the cost is falling to the county, Gerdes said.

What’s next? Metro district officials will meet with engineers and Singletree residents to resolve roundabout concerns.

For right-of-way acquisition, Cohen said the metro district would work with the county to come up with a reasonable deal.

“We don’t want to slow down the process,” he said.

Who are the candidates? Edwards resident Ellen Eaton and Arrowhead resident Joe LeBeau are running to represent Edwards on the Open Space Advisory Committee. The new representative would replace current member Evelyn Pinney.

Eaton is on the Eagle Valley Land Trust Board and helped strike a deal for her father-in-law’s land. The land is now the Eagle River Preserve site.

LeBeau said he has been in land conservation for almost 30 years, mostly with Ducks Unlimited, a nonprofit organization that works to protect wetlands.

What’s next? The committee members will talk to their respective metro districts and they will vote on the candidates at next month’s meeting.

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