Tragedy by the triplet |

Tragedy by the triplet

Don RogersDaily Managing Editor

It was a pretty tough week. Missing Vail climber in Alaska, with hope dimming by the day. A Battle Mountain graduate killed in Iraq. A child run over in Edwards.No less grief for the difference, but Sue Nott and Lt. John Vaughan well knew their risks. Jose Carlos Martinez, all of 4, most certainly did not.Nott, 36, and her climbing partner, Karen McNeill of Canada, were lost trying to summit 17,400-foot Mount Foraker. The search has shifted, depressingly, from rescue to recovery.A celebration of Nott’s life is scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday in the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater. The public is invited.A memorial for Vaughan, Battle Mountain class of 2001, was held at his family home in Cordillera, rich with happy memories of a driven young man and filled with the sober reflection that comes with the loss of a soldier in combat.Arrangements have not yet been announced for the child’s services.If Nott and Vaughan died in pursuit of boundary-pushing quests and ultimate service to country, young Jose’s death was not only terribly sad, but deeply frustrating, as well.What’s a little kid doing riding a bike in an apartment complex parking lot anyway? Yet this is common, and far more dangerous than we care to think about.Parents, don’t let your babies play in parking lots. Let Jose’s passing at least teach that much. Nott and Vaughan’s deaths were not in vain. Let’s make it the same with Jose. Vail, Colorado

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