Train in Russia derails, 27 injured |

Train in Russia derails, 27 injured

Associated Press Writer

MOSCOW – An explosion derailed several cars on a Russian passenger train traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg late Monday, injuring at least 27 people, officials said.The train’s driver heard a loud bang from underneath the locomotive immediately before the incident happened near the city of Novgorod, about 300 miles northwest of Moscow, Alexander Pirkov, an adviser to Russian Railways’ top executive, said in televised comments.The RIA-Novosti news agency also quoted several passengers as saying that they heard a loud bang immediately before the incident occurred.Investigators were trying to determine what caused the explosion, Pirkov said.In all, 12 cars and a locomotive of the “Nevsky Express” derailed and 215 passengers were on the train at the time, he said. All traffic along the railway – a major passenger and cargo route – was halted.The Interfax news agency, citing an unnamed law enforcement official, said investigators had found a 5-by-5-foot crater under the train’s ninth car.Emergency Situations Ministry spokesman Viktor Beltsov said at least 27 people were injured, three of them critically.One passenger told NTV by telephone that some people appeared to be trapped in the cars after the derailment, with conductors, train workers and other passengers smashing windows to try to help them as downed power lines crackled overhead.The Moscow-St. Petersburg route is one of the busiest routes for the Russian Railways network, and is particularly popular among foreign tourists.

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