Transcend the trivium, love the dance on Vail Mountain |

Transcend the trivium, love the dance on Vail Mountain

Andrew Harley
Special to the Daily/Doug Burkhardt Transcendental Hayride cooks a jumbalaya of psychedelia for FAC (Friday Afternoon Club) at Adventure Ridge on Vail Mountain Friday night.

VAIL – Dano Kildsig has been a happy man lately. He recently got married and his band, Transcendental Hayride, is in the middle of its third Colorado tour. So, Kildsig, who plays guitar, has been writing a lot of songs from the perspective of animals, trees and the Earth.Transcendental Hayride brings a wagon full of unique tunes, jams and musical entities to Eagle’s Nest on the top of Vail Mountain today at 4 p.m. for FAC (Friday Afternoon Club).Kildsig has been the primary songwriter for the majority of the group’s tunes.”We’re definitely a psychedelic band,” said Kildsig. “The kind of music we make is, I would say, designed for that sort of experience. That’s whether you take drugs or not,” said Dano. “I’m a firm subscriber of the idea that you only need to take acid once, and your mind is open. That wasn’t my experience, in retrospect, though I realized that’s kind of what it’s all about is just that one time.” Lead guitarist Kurt Moss and Kildsig founded the band years ago, took a long break and then reformed on the path to what Transcendental Hayride is today.

“Kurt and I started the band, and then we had kind of a hiatus from each other for about 10 years,” Kildsig said.Kildsig and Moss have been joined by drummer Jack McFadden, bassist and percussionist Nick Massaro and keyboardist Brackett Clark to form the current lineup of Transcendental Hayride.”The sound has sort of been a mishmash of all the stuff that I’ve listened to and also Kurt – the lead guitar player,” Kildsig said. “Mine are primarily punk rock, the Grateful Dead, electronic music and reggae. Add, on top of that, bluegrass and country, and that’s kind of the mishmash we have.”McFadden and Massaro are from Ohio and were raised on classic rock.”Classic rock, funk and jazz; those guys were definitely Phish fans. Whereas Kurt and Brackett and I are older and were into the Dead and those sort of things,” Kildsig said. “We got bypassed by the whole jam band thing. Those guys are sort of like the younger muscle, tolling the older guys along, I guess you’d say.”

Transcendental Hayride is still forming its following, so the crowd can’t be defined or predicted from show to show.”We’re still in that stage where we’re playing a lot to new people, primarily to new people,” Kildsig said. “So, we’re in a position where we have to win everybody over, whatever they’re into. Honestly, we end up playing a lot of shows where there’s little kids and grandmas dancing, which is great. It’s all I want.”We’re all definitely lyricists and everything, and I love to have people know my words. But, primarily, I’m like, ‘Let’s dance.’ If we can all dance together, I feel like we can all get along.”I think what happens to a lot of people with, for instance, the ecstasy experience. I was involved with the rave scene a number of years ago,” Kildsig said. “Of all the scenes I’ve been involved in, everyone seems to have that same experience of dancing, getting high, losing yourself and realizing that simple lesson that, We’re all one, just love each other.’ And that’s like the journey of life, for me. That acceptance of each other and love for each other is tied into acceptance of yourself.”Once you really accept who you are in life and love yourself, then it becomes so much easier to love everyone else. That’s what I’m trying to say in a lot of my songs. I don’t have any axioms and tenants. I think we all know this, just love each other. It’s pretty obvious.”

Transcendental Hayride stirs the living fire at FAC at Eagle’s Nest on top of Vail Mountain today at 4 p.m.Andrew Harley can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 610, or Colorado

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