Transforming your look with jewelry in Vail |

Transforming your look with jewelry in Vail

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Special to the Daily/Madeleine Vite

Carolyn Tyler is a jewelry designer who lives and works in Bali, Indonesia. She returns to Karats in Vail Village with a trunk show today through Thursday. The designer answered a few questions for the Vail Daily.

Vail Daily: How do you guide someone like a man who wears little jewelry and is a relative newcomer to jewelry to find the perfect piece for their wife or girlfriend?

Carolyn Tyler: I would ask about personality and physical attributes like skin, eye and hair color. This is really important because I use a lot of colored stones in my designs and certain skin tones are better with pale stones and others are better with bold colors. Similarly, with pearls, darker ones can get “lost” in black or brown hair, so I would suggest white or golden pearls in earrings for brunettes. I usually ask if the piece will be worn for evening, special occasion (like weddings), casual/everyday, or business. It’s also important to know style preferences – some women are free spirits and others are more classic and structured “Chanel” types, so the jewelry would have to complement her style. The great thing about my designs is that there is always something for every taste, every occasion, and every skin tone or hair color.-

VD: Have you ever seen your jewelry transform someone in unexpected ways?

CT: Believe it or not, many times! I like to think it’s because each piece is unique, just like they are. Even Goldie Hawn, who owns my “Ramses” double-duck-motif ring, gushed to Vogue magazine that she loves it. I designed the “Fishnet” necklace – one of my most popular designs –specifically for Kurt to give to Goldie on New Year’s 1999.

Every piece starts with an inspiration sparked by an experience, a cultural motif, something in nature, or an ancient treasure. I personally hunt for the stones, pearls, coins and fossils and design the settings around the unique materials I put together. This is one of my greatest joys in life.-

VD: You’ve visited Vail many times. What do you like about the area?-

CT: Do you mean besides my wonderful host, Dan Telleen, his fabulous staff, and his little gem of a gallery, Karats? Where do I start? The amazing scenic beauty, the skiing, the holiday lights, the sole Menieure at La Tour Restaurant, the clean air, and especially the people. Dan has the most interesting and appreciative clientele, and I really love meeting and talking with them at my shows. Dan is such a creative artist himself and his museum-like displays draw in the kind of people who are truly intrigued by the technical and design aspects of the unusual pieces that only a shop like Karats specializes in. It truly is a one-of-a-kind store.

VD: What are you working on now?

CT: I have just finished a six-week holiday trunk show/personal appearance tour around the country at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus fine jewelry salons, so I am working on having a rest! When I return to Bali after the Tucson gem trade show, I will get back to the grindstone. I have no idea what’s going to come out of the hopper next –it’s always a surprise.

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