Transportation study looks toward Avon’s future |

Transportation study looks toward Avon’s future

Dustin Racioppi
Avon, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado “-Though few took the chance, the public had its first chance Wednesday night to see where Avon’s transportation situation is heading.

Town officials, along with representatives from two firms conducting a study of the town’s traffic conditions, held an open house at Town Hall to show people where the study is at and what lies ahead for the town. The study will be used to update Avon’s comprehensive transportation plan.

“We’re just in the beginning phase, gaining public input and concerns,” said Lacy Brown, a transportation engineer.

It’s believed that with ridership increasing on the local bus services and more development imminent, the study will give the town a look at what’s needed in terms of car, bus and pedestrian transportation.

“It’s a tool to help us conduct development the way we want to,” Director of Public Works and Transportation Jenny Strehler said. “We won’t just react to the development. We want this to be a jewel of the valley and have safe, reliable transportation.”

Aside from public input, the town is relying on the consultants’ projections of buildout for the next couple of decades to keep traffic flowing and residents happy. The firms will be looking at statistics, demographics and other data to make suggestions and recommendations, which the Town Council may use to update its transportation plan.

“In the end, there’ll be this transportation element that’s put together with public input,” said Emily Jackson, a planner working on the study.

The results of the study are expected to be ready by spring of next year.

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