Treasurer candidate may quit campaign |

Treasurer candidate may quit campaign

Scott N. Miller
Krysta Brubaker

EAGLE COUNTY ” The lure of No Name may take one candidate out of this fall’s election.

In April, Krysta Brubaker of Eagle announced she would run for Eagle County Treasurer, taking on longtime incumbent Karen Sheaffer.

“I’d gotten a lot of calls, from inside the county and from voters, asking me to run,” said Brubaker, a former employee of the treasurer’s office who is now an executive at Community Bank in Avon. “I decided this was the year.”

Between April and August, though, Brubaker’s family life changed. Brubaker and her husband, Bryan, often ride their bikes through Glenwood Canyon. One day earlier this summer, the Brubakers were riding through No Name, a quiet neighborhood on the west end of the canyon, and found a house for sale.

“Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time,” she said.

The home and land in No Name now belongs to the Brubakers, and Krysta has a hard decision to make: Move to Garfield County and give up the run for the treasurer’s job, or stay in their home in Eagle and use the No Name house as a weekend place.

She can’t do both.

Eagle County Attorney Bryan Treu looked into state law about qualifications for office holders and came up with a pair of simple ones:

– Anyone elected to office in a county must be a “qualifed elector” in that county. That means a person must be legally registered to vote. Keeping voter registration in Eagle while living in Garfield County is a no-no.

– Anyone who holds office must resign if he or she moves out of the county, or in the case of county commissioners, moves out of the district he or she represents.

Brubaker acknowledged she’ll probably drop her bid for office, but hasn’t officially done that yet.

“I know I could make a difference,” she said. “But sometimes you have to weigh what’s good for your family.”

Brubaker had planned a serious run for the treasurer’s job. She’s had professional portraits taken and had T-shirts and campaign literature made.

“I’m not a fickle person,” she said. “I’ve been married for 26 years and I’ve been in the valley 25 years. I worked at Alpine Bank for eight years before I started here.”

And, Brubaker said, she has other obligations she plans to keep. She’s going to work at the Eagle branch of Community Bank, and will continue to hold prominent positions with local groups.

“I’m president-elect of the Western Eagle County Rotary Club, and I’m on the board of the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce,” she said. “I’m going to keep doing that.

“I would really like to do this,” she said. “The timing was just off.”

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