Tree Trimming and Removal in Avon |

Tree Trimming and Removal in Avon

Daily Staff Report

Large Cottonwood trees will be trimmed and one will be removed in Avon over the next few weeks.

Part of the development agreement for the Riverfront Subdivision requires East-West Partners to create a linear park along the Eagle River and create a combination of pathways to provide public access to the river. As the pathway along the Eagle River is improved, one of the crucial elements is tree maintenance. There are a lot of large Cottonwoods with dead branches that must be trimmed for the overall health of the trees.

The other location where the dead branches are being trimmed from Cottonwood trees is along Swift Gulch Road, just north of I-70 at exit 167.

Cottonwood trees by nature are large-maturing, fast-growing trees that can reach 60-80′ in height and must be maintained. Trimming the trees is an environmentally sound practice because it spurts new growth and increases nesting areas for birds.

Finally, during a state inspection of the Benchmark Dam at Nottingham Lake, the safety engineer inspector recommended removal of the large cottonwood tree near the spillway. The inspector indicated that during a strong wind, the large tree could topple over and uproot a significant portion of the dam causing a dam safety problem. The removal of the tree and its root system was listed as a high priority item. The town if complying with the request and is scheduled to remove the tree in the next few weeks. The root system will be removed next year.

If you have any questions about the trimming or removal of trees in Avon, please contact the Public Works Department at (970) 748-4100.

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