Trek to home rule begins |

Trek to home rule begins

Don Rogers

The means by which Eagle County can increase the number of commissioners from three to five is under way now.Commissioner Peter Runyon is making good on one of his main campaign arguments. That is, the county has suffered a bit in recent years from having a paltry three county commissioners. Even towns, with seven board members, have better representation.The path from here to there is long and crooked, though. A county our size must go through a rather silly rigamoral, which starts with an election on whether to approve a commission to rewrite the county’s charter. You can’t just say, OK, let’s have five, or seven or 17 county commissioners and move smartly along. No, a commission of 11 elected members must write an entire document spelling out in endless detail how the county will run, along with the number of commissioners. And then the voters decide whether to put the charter into place.So it’s quite an involved process to get to a more sensible number of county commissioners than three. It’s also worth the effort, as long as the committee of charter writers keeps it simple, if indeed the voters decide to try this.The immediate goal is to get Eagle County’s voters to go for the idea and elect the charter commission. Runyon and eight other people you know are beginning to meet as Citizens for Choice in Government. There’s probably room for you, too, if you are interested. Call Eagle County. Or ask us. We’ll help get you in touch.Vail, Colorado

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