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Lauren Glendenning

It’s finally warm and it would appear it might even stay that way for a while. We’ve gone through the apres season full of beer, red wine, cognac and scotch. Now it’s time to lighten things up with refreshing and crisp summer wines. Reds shouldn’t be excluded from hot summer days, but make sure to drink lighter ones on hot days, and try them slightly chilled for even more refreshment. The following wine selections are some of my favorites ” great for sipping in the afternoon among friends, or even alone on the patio with some sunglasses and a good book. Beaver Liquors in Avon and Eat! Drink! in Edwards have some of the best wine selections in the valley, so stop by to see what kind of summer picks they’re recommending this year.

This wine exudes all of my favorite characteristics of sauvignon blancs ” floral bouquets, tropical fruits and a fresh, crisp zest on the palate. The wine pairs beautifully with many summer dishes, such as scallops and salmon.

Prosecco, like most sparkling wine or Champagne, is a perfect match for summer. The best part is that you can usually find a decent Prosecco for prices that won’t break your pocket book. The Zardetto is light and fresh, and you can pair it with just about any food dish. It has crisp and dry tart-apple flavors and a wonderfully sweet aroma.

This white wine features hints of honeysuckle and lemon, with a touch of spice. It’s silky on the palate, with touches of citrus fruit and zesty acidity. It’s a complex summer wine for a great price. It’s a great match with light Asian dishes.

With its big fruit finish, this crisp and spicy white wine is another fantastic match with a lot of different foods. Pinot grigio is a great summer wine that is too often overlooked.

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