Tribe says flags disrespected on cranes |

Tribe says flags disrespected on cranes

Allen BestVail, CO Colorado

IGNACIO, Colo. The Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council has prohibited either a U.S. flag or, for that matter, a tribal flag, on top of construction cranes on the reservation, located in the Four Corners.Clement C. Frost, the tribal chairman, told the Durango Herald that he rejects using flags atop cranes as wind indicators the use purported by the contractor as inappropriate. The tribal leaders believed that flags should only be flown in places of honor, he said.The flag flown atop a crane being used to construct a casino on the reservation was not being treated with respect, Frost said. It blew off the crane two times and hit the ground, he said. I, as a veteran, believe that you never let your flag touch the ground. Even when you take it off the pole, you do not let it hit the ground. Even when you carry it during wartime, you dont let it hit the ground.The flag prohibition caused some people to say that the tribe is anti-American, he said. In reality, he said, the tribe has a deep respect for the U.S. flag as well as its own flag. We have given our lives for that, whether its Vietnam, whether its Iraq, whether its Desert Storm, Korea, all those places.

BANFF, Alberta Responding to public sentiment, Banff town officials are planning to deny a business-license to Indigo Books, the largest book retailer in Canada.For years residents and owners of small businesses have raised concerns about the demise of mom-and-pop shops and the arrival of multi-national franchise operations such as those operated by Gap and Starbucks, notes the Rocky Mountain Outlook.There is no place on earth like Banff. It is our responsibility to keep the Banff experience unique, said Gabin Wedin, whose family has owned the Banff Book & Art Den for 42 years. Another long-term resident, Kate Tooke, concurred. I dont want (Banff) to become some sort of experience you can have in Calgary, she said.The legal basis for denying the business license is in doubt, however. A former mayor, Ted Hart, said the municipality may be vulnerable to a lawsuit.

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