Trio of jam bands ready to rock at Dobson |

Trio of jam bands ready to rock at Dobson

Charlie Owen
Vail, CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

The Disco Biscuits have a curious name for a band that has nothing to do with disco or biscuits. They have a curious sound, too. If you’ve never familiarized yourself with a brand of music called “trance-fusion,” then Saturday night might be a good opportunity to experience the Disco Biscuits’ electronic and hypnotic jam sound.

Dobson Ice Arena hosts three jam bands Saturday night as Disco Biscuits, Perpetual Groove and Pnuma Live PA take the stage.

The popularity of jam bands in mountain towns has always been unrivaled, which explains the small tour (which started in Fort Collins and ends in Vail) for the three bands scheduled.

As the tour headliner, Disco Biscuits bring a certain ambient, techno-capability to their concert sets, which consist mostly of the band’s original material.

Listening to the Disco Biscuits is like being at a rave and a Pink Floyd concert at the same time, thanks to Aron Magner’s synthesized beats and keyboard playing and the rest of the band’s musical influences drawn from The Beatles, Frank Zappa and many more.

What Magner said sets them apart from other similar bands is their ability to control the crowd and tell a story within their songs, thus humanizing what would normally be considered dance music.

Having garnered a considerable fan following, started their own music festival and toured the world since the band formed over a decade ago, what’s left for the Disco Biscuits to do?

“That’s easy ” conquer the world,” Magner said.

He wants to see their music expand beyond the already established fanbase into a worldwide audience that can experience what their diehard fans already have through live shows and radio play. After a Disco Biscuits show, Magner said that he wants audience members to walk away feeling one emotion: “Bliss.”

Magner explains the process behind the song writing for their new album, which should be released mid-year. Instead of one person writing the songs for the group, the band gets together in their Philadelphia studio to write the songs together, Magner said.

“You can’t ever really force inspiration, you know, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,” Magner said.

Many fans of jam bands are under the impression that a band just gets together and jams, resulting in the albums released to the public. Not true, according to Magner ” the Disco Biscuits work hard on song structure and instrumentation to perfect the sound on studio albums.

Magner said that their new album is a bit of a departure from their previous releases, but that fans can be assured it’s still a Disco Biscuits album. It will not include a lot of rambling, free-form soloing or uninterrupted jamming, but will be more succinct and to the point.

“It has a very heavy element of the Disco Biscuits, but with the help of the producers that we brought in on this album it definitely has a more evolved and precise sound to each song,” Magner said.

He makes the point that their live shows are the band’s chance to show off musically, but that albums are meant to showcase their songwriting capabilities.

Magner is happy that the Disco Biscuits are popular enough with fans to be able to have a healthy balance of touring and recording.

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