Trista and Ryan Sutter’s home renovation HGTV show promotes the Rocky Mountain lifestyle |

Trista and Ryan Sutter’s home renovation HGTV show promotes the Rocky Mountain lifestyle

Trista Sutter takes a swing during the filming of the pilot episode of "Rocky Mountain Reno."
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Rocky Mountain Reno

Trista and Ryan Sutter’s new TV show premiered on HGTV earlier this month. It will re-show during the day on June 27. For details, including the time, visit

Ryan and Trista Sutter are the new prince and princess of power tools in their reality-based TV show pilot.

The “Rocky Mountain Reno” pilot premiered on HGTV, and it will broadcast again Saturday during the day. Check your local listings for times.

A natural

Home renovation isn’t really much of a stretch for either of them.

Ryan earned his college degree in architecture from the University of Colorado.

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“My dad is an architect, and I grew up around it,” he said.

Ryan took a fork in his professional road that led him to a career as a firefighter after he spent some time as a professional football player. That was about the same time that Trista was a professional dancer and choreographer.

Then a bunch of life happened. He was chosen from a gaggle of suitors by the fair Trista on “The Bachelorette.” They got married, created a couple of delightful offspring and are in the process of living happily ever after.

In other words, life happens … in a good way.

About the show

Speaking of lives changing in a good way, “Rocky Mountain Reno” (as in renovation) focuses on helping Colorado people.

Basically, the first episode goes like this:

Ryan and Trista are helping soon-to-be parents David and Rachel Segerdahl find and buy their very own slice of the Rockies. To save money, David and Rachel have been living out of David’s office in Vail for the past year.

David and Rachel are open to any suggestion that Ryan and Trista might propose. Their big priority is to be relatively close to where they work.

Trista and Ryan have lined up three different homes.

Dave and Rachel picked one in Minturn, and they set to work on both the house and the pilot episode, produced by Tricon, a Toronto-based production company, and HGTV.

“It’s fun to work with such professional people. It’s different from other drama television shows we’ve done,” Ryan said.

Colorado focused

“Rocky Mountain Reno” also focuses on Colorado, Ryan said.

“It demonstrates why I live here and why Trista was willing to come here,” Ryan said.

“We want to focus on what people would come to Colorado for,” Trista told US Weekly magazine. “People come here wanting to start a family. As a mom, I wouldn’t want to raise my kids anywhere else — it’s such a beautiful community with lots of support.”

HGTV premiered the pilot show, and is still deciding how to work it into its lineup.

“We hope something will work out. It makes you want to do more,” Ryan said.

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