Trolley death ruled an accident |

Trolley death ruled an accident

Nicole Formosa
Vail, CO Colorado

BRECKENRIDGE ” The death of an Iraq War veteran who was struck by a trolley bus in Breckenridge last month was an accident, according to Summit County Coroner Joanne Richardson’s final report on the fatality.

Lynn Scutellaro, a 28-year-old helicopter pilot and captain in the Colorado National Guard, was crossing Watson Street just before 9 p.m. on July 7 when a town trolley bus struck and killed her.

The driver, 50-year-old David Vickers, returned to work as a driver for the town last Friday after a five-week administrative leave period pending the outcome of the Colorado State Patrol investigation, Breckenridge spokeswoman Kim DiLallo said.

Before Vickers was cleared for work the Town put him through extensive training, similar to what a driver goes through to obtain a commercial driver’s license, which Vickers already has, to make sure he was prepared to return to driving.

The accident prompted the town to review its training procedures and see if anything could be done differently, DiLallo said.

“In any kind of incident, we all go back and look how this could have been avoided,” DiLallo said. “The training that we have I think really speaks to everything that we do currently so we haven’t changed anything dramatically at all.”

According to Richardson’s report, the bus was turning from Main Street onto Watson when it struck Scutellaro. She was knocked to the ground and pulled under the bus, where the bus’ suspension or motor mount came to rest on her right shoulder blade.

The injuries to her lower legs indicate that Scutellaro was not fully upright when she was struck. Both of Scutellaro’s shoes were found untied at the scene, the report said.

Scutellaro, of Evergreen, returned from Iraq last November after serving a 12-month tour of duty with Colorado’s 89th Troop Command.

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