Truck flips over guardrail in Avon |

Truck flips over guardrail in Avon

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado
NWS/EDL truck accident KA 11-09-07

AVON ” Cristi Satterstrom was feeding her baby Friday evening when she heard a noise that sounded like thunder.

“I didn’t think there was a storm, and it was too long to be thunder, so I wrapped up the baby, threw on some shoes and went out,” the Avon resident said.

What she saw when she opened the door was a big white cargo truck rolled onto its side and furniture and broken glass everywhere.

A truck had lost control around a curve on Nottingham Road around 6:30 p.m., hitting a guard rail and rolling into the parking lot of a the Sherwood Meadows condominium complex, police said.

There were four men in the truck, and three were treated at Vail Valley Medical Center for a fractured neck, dislocated shoulder and staples to the head, Avon Police Officer Yvonne Ramirez said.

None of the men are seriously hurt, and two were released from the hospital Friday night, she said.

The National Hotel Liquidators truck was carrying furniture from the Ritz Carlton’s warehouse in Avon to Denver. The driver, Sean Driscoll, 36, said he thought the truck felt “tippy” and started losing control as he came around the sharp curve.

The more he tried to correct, the more the truck tipped, police reports said.

“There wasn’t a high amount of speeding, because there were no skid marks,” Ramirez said. “But he was going to fast for the vehicle.”

Police do not think drug or alcohol use was involved. Driscoll was ticketed for careless driving causing injury.

The truck rolled at least once over the guard rail and landed in the parking lot of the Sherwood Meadows condos. No residents were hurt or other condo property damaged, Ramirez said.

Residents heard the noise and called police immediately.

“I just heard a huge noise, and you could feel the building shake,” said Marty Golembiewski, who lives in Sherwood Meadows.

Police cleared the road and roped off the area Friday evening and towing crews were cleaning up the parking lot Saturday morning.

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